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  1. Thank you for this video. I'm a month into my journey. I lost 1/3 of my savings the first 2 weeks this past week I made it back by making some calculated decisions and researching what I want to put my money in. In other words I stopped following the mass. I know I will lose some more but I have faith that with helpful info like this I will make it in this field.

  2. How much do you spend on lottery tickets every week? Every month? Every year? STOP IT!
    Every time you buy a lottery ticket, you make a bet where you have 99.9% chance of losing everything you put in.
    Meanwhile, if you instead invested it, you'd have about 50% chance of losing 30%, depending on the market. You'd have a 10% chance of losing everything. Yet you'd have a 50% chance of say 30% profit, and perhaps 5% chance of 100x. So by investing that money, you're already ahead of most gamblers by 1000x.

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