Crypto – …Baby One More Time (Lyrics)

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  1. Bitcoin to the moon , it hurt's that people are losing very high in the past couple of days now but thanks to my professional Expert Michael novogratz who has been puting me through the process

  2. Bu yorumu buraya bırakıyorum bir ay veya bir yıl sonra biri beğenince aklıma bu şarkı geliyor❤ (I leave this comment here, a month or a year later, this song comes to my mind when someone likes it❤)

  3. (We all need to)Repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Jesus is coming ⏳⌛️. If we confess our sins to God, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins

  4. Does anyone know what type of music or remix this is? i want to find other similar songs this is sooo good! Reliving my teen days in my now remixed adulthood lol

  5. There are times where I just love how the human mind works, and some times messes up. 😆

    I just read the title and thought this would be a spoof of the original song.

    So I started watching this and instead of the chorus being “hit me baby one more time” I was expecting the punch line of “Crypto Baby one more time” and was disappointed when it was not there 😂

    Just one of those funny one track mind moments.. just let the one run.. and watched the crash. Funny.

    So need to make the spoof would be good. 😉👍

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