Crypto Bear Market Strategy 2022

My Crypto Bear Market portfolio management strategy and philosophy for current market participants. Here we look at crypto risk …

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  1. Amazing as always. Listen to this man guys!! As I said bf not a bad idea to get into stables and wait for market direction.. things go back bull u can always jump back in. All these Influences say never sell never sell! Lol. That advice screwed me at the top twice.. not again

  2. Last cycle we saw the bear market bottom about one year after the bull market top in 2017. If we consider the April top as the bull market top of this cycle, then we could see the bear market bottom next April(1 year after the bull top) at around 22k(Projected 200 week moving average)
    Do you agree with this?

  3. I realised that it is not really worth it for new investors to invest into alt coins at the moment. It's just too risky and they should most likely just have to wait until next bear market to get their chance. I still think DCA'ing into BTC and ETH is fine since they will likely recover.

  4. Very quality and insightful again. Thanks!

    This is my thoughts on the 5 points you have listed. I think the most important thing for people to understand is NEVER invest if you can’t afford to lose. Look at what stage of life you are in, seriously this is so important. Honestly if you are fresh out of college/uni, even if you lose it all you have so much time to recoup it back vs if you are near retirement, there is no reason to lose it all, it will screw up your life.

    I personally hold a relatively large amount in Luna this is because I strongly believe in the network and the projects they are involved in, not to mention UST. I think one thing everyone should learn from these videos is that DCA is so important. It doesn’t matter if you DCA once a week/month, stick to your beliefs and rules.

    I personally believe it is a good time to buy some ETH if you have spare money.

    Also, I don’t think talking about potentially entering a bear market is FUD at all. If people can only listen to people who promotes bull markets you shouldn’t be investing at all. The key is watch and learn then make a decision yourself.

  5. I keep asking those folks “what about the 50 week”? So far zero responses. I took a quarter of my Luna and Avax off the table into BTC. Probably will do more upon the next bounce. Probably will hold some with the conviction that they will be back.

  6. my intuition (the only thing i can trust) is that we will go down if not in a full bear market… my only question is im not sure how i feel about this "Mass Adoption" comment i heard all year.. just curious on your thoughts

  7. Who do you reference as reliable and credible sources for crypto analysis?

    In addition to you, the channels I view for input are as follows in order of who I believe is credible based on experience & background. Would appreciate your feedback about these 3 listed below as well.

    InvestAnswers –
    Bob Loukas –
    Into the Cryptoverse –

  8. Great video. Thank you 🙂
    I entered the crypto space at the peak of the bull market and did not realise what a bull or bear market is 🙁
    Now 80% of my portfolio is invested in Alt Coins with nothing left to invest during this dip and just waiting for everything to break even so I can liquidate and reinvest.
    Hope the market picks up so I can plan for the next bear dip.

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