Crypto Billionaire Brock Pierce Talks His A-Ha Moment with Bitcoin and Cardano Buzz

Brock Pierce, Chairman of the Board at the Bitcoin Foundation, shares his extensive history and pioneer-like efforts within the cryptocurrency universe.

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  1. Options trading is not magic…. You are not going to be a million richer overnight, but its a good background to raise your finances at a steady growth….. You need a proper understanding on its steps by a SUPERB FOREX TEACHER to trade for you

  2. Loved this interview Daniella! Many of your guests are very specialized in their focus which is great in its way. This was the first interview I've ever heard of Brock and it was fascinating for the big picture view he was able to paint! Thank you so much for this one!

  3. How is getting insanely rich sitting on your ass clicking a mouse any different from what the banksters have been doing . To pretend and fool yourself that it is called digital currency so it must be good is insulting. If the outcome is the same than it is the same.

  4. Very possibly the best interview that has been on this channel pure visionary and it all makes sense. But the way the economies are structured in this debt-based world economies is inevitable at a time all by design that we will have to have a total wipeout to bring in cryptocurrencies that matter, not all will matter.

  5. EXCELLENT INTERVIEW. Brock blew me away with his intellect in this space. I never knew who he was, but will keep my eye on him from now on. Plus, I’m Portuguese and he just saved the “ark” so I’m pretty happy. Thank you both!

  6. I liked the comment about our interconnectivity financially and how financial colapse is not a good problem. Look at what we are dealing with today with Trumps embargo’s with China which now has us scrambling because of shortages on everything. It hasn’t stopped intellectual theft. Now we have import and export shortages impacting the economy.

  7. What a joke….the picture of jijinping…or however you spell it, I really dont care…but this communist POS is walking in front of those stooges with a big ass smile…and they all have masks on…go check it out

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