Massive Passive Income Opportunity | My CRO Tokens Pay For Groceries | $CRO

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  1. Thanks for the video, as an educated crypto guy (not me, I'm new) have you seen or heard of any news regarding the exchange being available here in the U.S?

  2. Can anyone explain.

    I just sent 14604 CRO ($3300 AUD) through PAY on the app to my son and was supposed to get 10% cashback but only got 29.9 CRO back (about $6.80 AUD)???

    I've used PAY before and received 10% back in CRO so I don't know why I didn't this time

  3. nice vid!
    also to mentoin. if you want to "secure" your passive income, you could change a part of your gains into stable coins. and get 12% interest a year + the 2% CRO on top of that.

    Instead of cashing out i would raise my passive income with this strategy,

    max staking amount 500k in Crypto earn.

    this 500k sound very crazy but yeah … even having 100k worth in stable coins would be 1000 dollars a month plus 200 dollars worth in CRO .

    To sum it up. when you got 10k worth in BTC. All it takes is a 10x in the next bull run to realize those 100k and is a 10x possible iin a BTC bull run? I guess so. This was just a example how i would "take profits" instead of one big junk at once I am happy to take a constant little sweet passive income a month. 🙂

    This cryptocurrencie topic is so exiting and lets see where we are in 10 years! 🙂

  4. Ok since you're the only one talking extensively about CDC, I've gotta ask…
    Do you use the CDC wallet?
    I tried to put 170 LINK in the CDC wallet from the CDC exchange and the fee was 3 link. Or- $30ish. That's just wrong. Should be free.

  5. First of all I did not watch this video and I wouldn't have watched at all I am just here to comment. I watched the bzrx video yersterday and was just thinking omg come on, they have been hacked THREE times, do you really want me to stake those tokens of the only project that got hacked THREE times? And boom, today you come up with the WIRECARD of crypto, that is so fishy everyone can smell it through their screens.

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