Supercharger Explained: How to Earn DOGE Rewards

In this video, I take you through supercharger. This month is allocating $250000 USD to the Doge supercharger event. I explain how …

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  2. When i open the App and Go to the supercharger rewards, there is no available information,how much rewards i already got,i started with 1k CRO.i thought rewards are calculated by the hour,what am i doing wrong?

  3. Do we need a Crypto exchange account? I can see the earnings are allocated to this, not in the Crypto app. I have both accounts, but people who participated from the App and don’t have the Exchange account where the earnings go?

  4. Thank you for the video, I just have one question. When I deposit some CRO to the supercharger, I assume after the charging period I can withdraw the same amount of CRO back? and still recieve the payout coin too?

  5. i do this myself each month but i have a question … i just keep my CRO in the supercharger every day BUT when they talk about liquidity am i better off putting in and taking out alternate days or just staying as i am … thanks … good video

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