Crypto Currency Adoption Strategies with Dash Thailand

A fascinating chat with Sascha Jochum and Felix Mago, co-founders of Dash Thailand and Dash Next. Christopher (Tao) and the guys talk about their projects, …


  1. One of the first cryptos that came to my attention two and a half years ago was Dash. I believe it was in competition with Bitcoin at the time. I couldn't figure out how to buy it. Later it was $1300 dollars. I said forget it!! Now I have a second opportunity to grab some at $52 dollalrs and I have, and will get more when able.

  2. Tao you dog! ltns good interview. I have no idea how many transactions we can credit these guys for put it sounds like they've planted quite a few seeds keep up the good work!

  3. 18:30 Very interesting concept, definitely very important to provide reliable data and a small group of merchants that are practicing frequently are definitely worth much more than hundreds of merchants who rarely ever get any clients!

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