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  1. This is such garbage and the fact that people dont see it amazes me. Go ahead and live work and play in a virtual world and i will stay in the fresh air and have real interactions with real people without a freaking lens on my head

  2. Its quit obvious that some people only watch investment video on YouTube but have failed to start investing their money on something . The little money you invest now might earn beyond your need to start investing now because no amount of money is too small to invest.

  3. Ermmm no… these games are getting rapidly banned from platforms. Steam recently banned all block chain games (thank god) and the rest of the industry will follow shortly.

  4. Do you think you could make a video on how we could invest in the future metaverse like where we would put our money where it could grow the most? That would be awesome! I'm 14 years old right now and i am excited and worried for the future and its opportunities!

  5. I think the concept of digital real estate is scary.
    We have a chance to make an entirely new universe here? why remake the IRL housing crisis ditigally?

    if it were user made worlds you could rent i could get behind it, but if it is like "pay to be able to have the VRChat home world acessible" then just nope, fuck that.

    I am now at the end of the video and I am beyond happy that you support the idea of a decentralised meta verse. thank you.

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