Crypto Gaming & NFTs: News, Innovation & Development – March 2021 Update

Non-Fungible Tokens: News, Innovation & Development – March 2021 NFT Update Today I chat with DCL Blogger, one of the smartest minds in the world of …

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  1. Yeah Kings of Leon dropped one of the 1st music NFT drops (Connie Digital might have been first). I got it + hope to sell many years from now at a historic premium LOL..and if it's not worth much I only paid about 1h.

  2. You missed Gala Games! They've nearly sold out of all their land and building NFTs for their MMO, they have seven games in development and they've sold millions of USD worth of their nodes which are launching a beta soon as a decentralized content delivery network.

  3. This was fantastic, great insights, so helpful… and a great discussion on how the NFT space relates to the wider crypto currency eco system…. cheers!

  4. i just burnt through $200 bucks worth of eth gas to get mine 2 POWNFT atoms. hope it was worth it. If not then i am happy with the experiment

  5. Alex, the OG crypto investor/cyberpunk looks blown away listening to Matty. This is a clear sing of how early we are in the nft space 🙂

  6. Are there any NFT/blockchain games that don't suck? Every NFT game I see is a worse clone of a more popular game, has literal PS2 graphics or is just a whales playground where it costs 100s of dollars to start playing with a low tier team.

    Blockchain and gaming are a perfect fit but I find it hard not to be disappointed and cynical when the quality of these games is so low.

  7. You ranting about licencing and building silo s …haha…fuck me nuggets …look in a mirror. If you talk crypto …dont walk old school .. Tupperware content .. grow some balls a get real dude.
    Break down those Barriers .. that's right. An initiate of barriers talking about breaking those Barriers.. .are u serious big guy. Don't forget to plug your private group now…hey ?

  8. You wanna display your nft s ….TVK …you guys not heard of it? Haha.. how much is your paid group again?

  9. $OMI and AlchemistCoin are two completely different projects yet are both incredibly undervalued. Love both of these NFT projects!

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