Crypto Governance: Why It CANNOT Be Ignored!! 🔮

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  1. It's beyond my capacity now to explain how beneficial Coin Bureau is to us the subscribers. I feel like being enrolled in a complex Next Life University Program in a different dimension of existence.

  2. Love your content, but this one includes a lot of very speculative assertions. The notion that public support translates to the "most used" services is very debatable. Many in cryptoland complain (rightly) about the excessive use of tax dollars on military spending. However, my guess is that those same people would be very disappointed if military spending were put up for a vote. Have you seen or talked to Americans? We love our guns and our little boy fantasies of GI Joe. I see virtually no chance that a majority of Americans would support funding things like scientific research (or, hell, even roads and bridges) if it meant not having their stealth bombers doing flyovers before NFL games on Sundays.

    The approach described in the video sounds more like a popularity contest than a good way to allocate funds for the betterment of society (which often means funding things in the near term that don't have high levels of public support compared to something "traditional" like the military).

  3. Great video, imho one of the most important and significative videos published by Coin Bureau. We tend to visualize crypto disrupting the financial system, but it can be so much more than that. It can disrupt the whole status quo of how we implement democracy, government ruling, elections, and the parties system as we know it. Thanks a lot Guy!

  4. This video gave me so much hope for the project Meryt. It is a governance DAO based on a meritocratic society. Right now it can only really focus on DeFi, but it's the only project that I feel can work beyond finance. Thank you!

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