Crypto Guru Says "Bitcoin Will Hit $1,000,000 by…" ft. Anthony Pompliano | Flagrant 2

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  1. Ngl if you believe crypto is going to replace money y’all are more dumb than I thought. The banks can’t even stop ppl from taking money out of your bank account so think how it will be if your entire net worth is just floating in the air and someone scam all your money and you have a hard time getting it back. Banks now barely want to pay you back for getting scammed and don’t forget when the market crashed and they didn’t let no one get money out of their bank what do you think will happen if all your money is crypto. The best crypto can do is replace the stock market or be a different stock market cause the value is only made by the ppl that believe in it and actually invest in it. And what if we lose power like a big ass black out where tf is your money? How are you going to spend it? Use it? Just saying it’s ducking flawed and dumb

  2. So the blockchain will be used by governments to incriminate people and help keep tabs on people's activities? Seems to be the opposite of what I used to hear about Bitcoin.

    The hype about its potential is what gives it value, not in its inherent 'value'. Its all based on faith. It shares the same fakeness as the current financial system, where 'confidence' affects value of fiat currency. A single newspiece reduces the value of a currency by 20%, without any real changes to that countries industrial and trade infrastructure, yet they become 'poorer' overnight…

    Bitcoin is just another proxy for the dollar. Its value to the majority of people interested in it is the dollars it represents. When the dollar collapses, so too will bitcoin.

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