Crypto Happy Hour – Vitalik at TC Disrupt, ICO Strategies and Future of Crypto

Join me for happy hour to talk about my ICO strategy, what I’ve learned from past mistakes and what I think is involved in the future of crypto! Grab a beer …


  1. I can tell you work for a big corporation because you have that phony corporate sound to the way you speak…like saying "quite frankly" all the time. Be real dude!

  2. I know you breifly went over Paragon but why do you think it won't do well? I was actually excited for it however I am still new to this.

  3. 2 ways of viewing it:

    1. Buying at the dip. However the dip may go lower and there is a possibility of losing out.

    2. Buy at a price a little higher than the dip. You gain some confirmation that you are going on an uptrend. When you see those green candles up next to each other, it's a good sign. study the charts and make the most probable choice for profit.

  4. Great happy hour talk! In regards to sponsored videos, I don't see why people should get pissed at you for doing those, as long as you genuinely believe in the project as well. If it's something you believe in and would personally invest in, I see no problem or conflict of interest. Keep up the great content!

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