Crypto Investing #178 – How Institutional Staking Benefits Tezos Holders – By Tai Zen

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  1. Tai…..your brain is working much faster than your words. Slooooooow down, gather your thoughts, you are so passionate that you are stammering and rambling. Focus and stay on point. You are very smart and can offer alot of great info, but your delivery is very hard to listen to. Just take a breath, relax and slow down. Keep up the great work!

  2. Ugh, I was liking Tezos until you started talking about penalties. Why can’t the system just recognize that your node is bad and drop your node from the system. I don’t want to lose my coins because of a glitch on my server or a glitch with the network. Tell us if the system gets better and doesn’t charge penalties in the future.

    So far my research for staking has brought me to Divi and Loki (someday dash).

  3. I know about great tezos governance and staking/interest. You spent hours talking about it. I as well know what's btc, eth, dai/mkr, bat, zrx and some other crypto used for, but what's tezos actually used for?

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