Crypto Investing #86 – Crypto Lessons With Douglas Lampi At Lumbridge City – By Tai Zen

Doug started from zero money and grew his wealth to more than $200000 in 2 years and a few months – all with earning, trading and investing cryptocurrencies.

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  1. There is many crypto available out there, I found one that is new and might be interesting to get in as it is claiming 0% FEE project name: etherlance market & doesn't take any fees
    or hidden costs, Transparent and affordable so more people can take part in the future. Based on eth network, there is many available though. I hope this becomes a gold xD

  2. Guys, this is a very nice video nice about your trading experiences .
    Which exchanges do you guys use to trade crypto?. I use kraken, but is becoming impossible to trade there due to their broken engine.

  3. I have been watching Doug since this spring and his community has some good traders. Each person can, after learning the basics do very well in this space. Doug has a good "safety first" approach. After a while each person developes their own style, their own "way" and their own comfort zones. Doug and Tai may look at the same chart and may see it very differently and still both can profit. JUst get involved, put some skin in the game and you will learn. It forces you to learn because losing sucks. It is still so early in the game, the sky is the limit. Thanks for the video, both men are good mentors!

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