Crypto Investors Need Second Citizenship Now, Not Later

How can you protect your crypto investments and yourself? In this video, Andrew discusses taxes on …

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  1. One of the best content I’ve seen. Crypto is the best though I don’t self trade but I still make my profit with the help of my broker till I'm sure I can start of self trading.

  2. How can a new crypto billionaire cash out to fiat a few million and not be taxed so heavily for being a u.s. citizen? Does Malta or the cayman islands accept crypto as a form of payment for citizenship by Investment?


  4. He's right.
    Investing in a second citizenship is basically "The cost of doing crypto business"
    People who aren't as savvy an investor as you are jealous, especially those in government
    They are miserable, and misery loves company. Either pay more taxes or move on with your life.

  5. The more I watch Henderson, the more I respect that I don’t only have the US but also the German (EU) citizenship. Now all I need is to scale my business to be able to utilize the advantages given to me. 🙏🏻

  6. It's strange how people talk about the profits they've been making through trading of Bitcoin while I'm here not making any at all, please can someone put me through on the right path.

  7. ”While it appears that the petitioner removed his residence to France in the year 1924, it is undisputed that he was, and continued to be, a citizen of the United States. He continued to owe allegiance to the United States. By virtue of the obligations of citizenship, the United States retained its authority over him, and he was bound by its laws made applicable to him in a foreign country. Thus, although  resident abroad, the petitioner remained subject to the taxing power of the United States. Cook V. Tait, 265 US. 47, 54, 56 S., 44 S. Ct. 444. For disobedience to its laws through conduct abroad, he was subject to punishment in the courts of the United States.” Blackmer v. United States, 284 US. 421, 436 (1932) (emphasis mine).

    ”The jurisdiction of the United States over its absent citizen, so far as the binding effect of its legislation is concerned, is a jurisdiction in personam, as he is personally bound to take notice of the laws that are applicable to him and to obey them.” Blackmer v. United States, 284 US. 421, 438 (emphasis mine).

    I hope the physical location nonsense has been put to rest. Also,

    the psychos call the United States government stripped any pretence it's based on a relationship with such garbage titled section 877 of the United States tax code (26 USC ¶877). This is the authority to continue taxing you for Ten Years After canceling citizenship and you're living outside the United States. That's right, no physical location, no relationship, no benefits and privileges, just naked aggression. That contradicts the following legal Authority doesn't it.

    "That test is whether property was taken without due process of law, or if paraphrase we must, whether the taxing power exerted by the state Bears physical relation to protection, opportunities and benefits given by the state. The simple controlling question is whether the state had given anything for which it can ask return." Wisconsin v. J. C. Penney Co., 311 u. S. 435, 444.

  8. I qualify for citizenship by descent in Italy. Not sure how much EU citizenship will help me as an American from a financial standpoint. Honestly I’ve been to lazy to do it myself. But I think I’m going to talk to a lawyer who specializes in immigration to help expedite the process, at least so I have a second option in my back pocket should regulations on crypto heat up here in the states.

  9. Election 6013G is a voluntary residency election… the 50 states are republics / citi states… state nationals are tax free and not subject…

    US citizens are technically govt officers and thus taxable via President Taft 16th Amendment…

    Americans don’t have to pay taxes if they understand the difference between being a US PERSON or a private man ….

    Sedm . Org and weissparis and associates

  10. They would have to make mortgage refinancing illegal as well – taking a loan on collateral should not be taxed – if that happens ALOT OF MONEY will leave the US.

    Are you suggesting the times of deferring capital gains indefinitely has ended?

  11. I would love to see the government ask for my keys hahaha. The key to regulation is enforcement, if they can't access my money, what options do they have? Theres just no way to garnish crypto. Theres no bank to send a court order to

  12. Big bag holders I’m ready for worshipping. Add me: sfarrangement on snapchat.

    Come prepared to empty your wallet 😉

  13. We can actually see the US treating people badly now that the Democrat party is running the show. The Democrats are the ones proposing the big tax increases, massive spending, UBI, and more regulations and government control over our lives. Trump reduced taxes and helped people get jobs. It's Democrats that want to fleece their fellow citizens and create a bunch of debt slaves.

  14. Be careful becoming a Citizen you are a part of the CITI STATE once a Citizen you are part of the Corporation Government. Don’t become or claim to be Citizen a Denizen a Resident a Person.If you are one of these you are part of the Corporation Government and to operate in their world you are a Corporation yourself. Every piece of Identification was created by Government such as Birth Certificate Passports Drivers Licence when you apply for these documents you are in their system .The information you are talking about is old school thinking.Think beyond the Square.

  15. Trying to dodge taxes is just stupid to me. Why give the powers at large a legitimate reason to ruin your life? Its just not smart. Ive always paid my taxes and sleep well at night.

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