CRYPTO Live Trading Bot with Python [Stoch, RSI, MACD]

In this video we are building a Python cryptobot using the Binance API. We will apply technical indicators such as the Stochastic …

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  1. great stuff.. love it.. just some recommendation… you should place the stop loss and take profit directly on the exchange… (if binance supports this) you also save fees because you use limit orders instead of market orders…

  2. Hi

    I have next to 0 programming skills, just done some basic stuff, but trying to follow you here.

    When executing "inst.decide()" i get the following error: "AttributeError: 'Signals' object has no attribute 'decide'"

    I executed inst = Signals(df, 5) but still i get this error. I tried giving it an attribute but that doesnt help, obviously..

    Can someone help me?

  3. Nice Video! I‘m very Interested in Programming and investing (doing some pyhton in university-beginner)!
    My Question: I‘m currently trading with kraken and want to know, if its possible with kraken instead of binance?
    Greetings from Austria

  4. great video, really pulled a lot of questions together for me. One question I have is, how to pull getminutedata for a list of symbols? I imagine this is a For loop within the getminutedata function, but I keep getting errors. What is the best way to pull minutedata for a list of symbols instead of doing one symbol at a time?

  5. Great video as always. I like to look into the code and understand it but I get lost when it comes to tune the bot with the correct parameters in relationship with money invested, risk and so on. Do you know some good resources can help me to figure out those aspects of the trading bot ?

  6. Hallo! this is amazing Alter! but i do not understand completely what that "legs" are working. This parameter seems to be very important. I am testing it but orders are not getting triggered as fast as i would like. Danke!

  7. How do you handle all the fees? I did a lot of research, made different bots with different taking profit strategies.. but in low timeframes (1m, 5m) I didnt found any way to achieve profits when recognizing the taker fees for entry and close…

    Is any bot of your videos still live and generating profits?

  8. Good video that I need to review.
    Just starting with python 2 days ago. What IDE or tools are you using?
    I have installed python and visual studio code. But I don’t mind to change to your environment tools to follow up better your videos.

  9. hello how are you … query create a robot with the purchase variables like this in the video and the stop loss, and configure it for a currency that grew 70% and did not win anything, lost, what could be the variable that I have What to modify to make the operations positive? Thank you

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