Crypto Market is Down | Michael Saylor Gives a Warning to All Ethereum Holders!!!

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are dumping hard today, In this video I will explain why bitcoin dropped and why you should not worry about it then Michael …

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  2. I like your videos because they are long time focused, I get bored on videos that speek about trades, especially with leverage, it is not a casino in my world.

  3. "Michale saylor doesn't believe ether is better than bitcoin 🤔 " I mean yeah, I wouldn't be saying that statement either if I was holding billions $$$ worth of btc lol 🤦🏽‍♂️🙄

  4. it seems lightning/liquid and all sorts of other layer2 side chains are coming to bitcoin. The difference will be a network optimized for security and hardness as an underlying settlement layer vs. whatever the hell ethereum is lol.

  5. Investors are beginning to have a clear sense why Crypt0 exists: it’s digital trade, a narrative that has emerged clearly as other assets flounder but it also been established that its too early to know certain things about the future Crypt0 trading in terms of ad0ption, user case scenario, etc but what is clear is its current ability to build so much wealth if cultured right. When it comes to crypt0 options or crypt0;currency the lack of a str@tegy is not a real problem, the challenge is finding one that is at least decent that suits you. It was a privilege to find this great man Rick Allen Jr . he did not just give me the right strategy, he gave me a grand basis. I keep making consistent pr0fits on every trade for her guidance you can reach him @rickallenjr tel gr@m

  6. You can move it at the speed of light – Digibyte – You can get a million transactions a second – Digibyte. _ bitcoin cant do those things bro

  7. Wait i been looking at the fear index on CNN money. It shows a 40 and yesterday it was as low as 33 .. for the stock market..

  8. BRO an "outflow " is an institution buying Bitcoin and removing them from exchange to their wallet or custodian not selling. I think you are confused about this aspect of this game. Be careful spreading misinformation glad you are overall bullish on bitcoin long term, so am I.

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