CRYPTO MINING RIGS SCAM ? ( बर्बाद हो जाओगे )

CRYPTO MINING RIGS SCAM ? ( बरदाद हो जाओगे ) JOIN TELEGRAM – In this video I tried to explain that Crypto mining …

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  1. Samjah se bahir hai k ye Na Mining karta hai, Na Mining k parts waghira bijtha hai,……. Ot phir bhi Mining Rig per itni lambi Taqreer ki…………
    Ye wahi baat hovi k Neem Hakeem Khatra ye jaan. 😅😂😃😀

  2. Etherum can be remain at the same price till next year due to hevy mining of ertheum and bitcoin too can remain in range, mining tabhi krni cahihye jab proffit accha ho daily wala…..if you done it before curremcy drop and if you do it in high time it not be burden to your machine. Mining is risk free bussiness and investing is 100% risk

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