Crypto Mining Strategy | What Are You Mining?

Crypto Mining Strategy In this video I got over some Crypto Mining Strategies to see what could be the most profitable way to mine crypto long term again I would …

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  1. I just started my mining journey in June of this year. It’s definitely been a rollercoaster so far and it doesn’t look like its slowing down anytime soon with all the changes coming w the switch to pos.
    That being said as a noob miner my strategy is to mine ETH till I can’t no mo!
    When the switch does happen I will stick with the same algorithm mining ETC ! simply as a holdover as I observe the market and gauge profitability.
    I’m just thinking this is the safest bet.
    Is there a safer option?

  2. Hey Rabid!!! long time viewer of yours and red pandas.. I switched over to RVN after I ROI'd my rig. I believe in short that the coinbase listing of RVN and the halving around Jan 11th is a spell for a storm to .75-$1 at least. ive looked at what others have done on coinbase ICO's without the following raven does and for me its at least that. ive seen numbers as high as $5. time will tell but for me it has already paid off bcuz ive been in since .04.

  3. I think it's a mistake thinking Ravencoin is the next greatest thing. Sure a bunch of miners might be pushing that dialogue but because of that I can't bank on any excitement. ETH goes, I suspect GPU mining does as well. Unless the GPU miners create a coin so they can keep making money which to me, seems like the only reason for Raven to be anything at all. Not worth pursuing in my mind. That's me though. Environmentalists will win. This is the fact of life. Burning energy is not going to get the positive public opinion. I'm only hoping for ETH to delay and that's about it. I get why miners are talking Raven and sure, if it can create income, it makes sense. It might until the energy burn becomes the bane of crypto's existence.

  4. Im mining RVN cause its the most profitable for me cause all my cards are 3060ti LHR. I have 10gpus btw but i'm using only 8 for some strange reason my motheboard only detect the other 2 for like 5minutes then stops detecting them.

  5. For me i mine on Nicehash with 2 RTX 3060ti and 14 RTX 3070 all non lhr!! I also mine Monero with 1 RTX 3060. I mine RTM with a old i7-3820( with 4 core i earn 200 coin /day! ) and i mine 12h/day with my gaming pc FLUX Coin on my 3090. I mine chia coin with 4tb hdd only. I still have room for 15 more RTX gpu but the price( here in canada quebec city ) is very out of my budjet for now.

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