CRYPTO MOONSHOT OF 2021. Million Token Q&A and status update.

Ex-Google TechLead responds to questions and thoughts on MillionToken, cryptocurrency, and Dogecoin & Shiba Token. Buy MILLION on Uniswap …


  1. I may be fudding but this dude said, "maybe we'll pass shiba token". There's no way bro. Million token is meaningless, no use case whatsoever.

  2. This guy slams Bitcoin and all Crypto for months now. Explains how all Crypto will be going to zero.
    One month later… buy my token.

  3. I m following you for long time, also I m in crypto for long time, recently u abused btc, eth, defie and decentralization and now u r launching ur own meme coin, how different u r thn Elon musk or Jp Morgan or usdt ????!!

  4. Sorry for interrupting. A few weeks back the TL spoke of a certain kind of person whose parents would scream at him to do everything and he never developed a sense of responsibility. He didn't seem to care if he failed or not. Can you tell me what video this was in? Thank you

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  6. I knew this would take off somewhat just due to the following and initial hype, but as a multi thousandaire I just could not be bothered to look up how to get some

  7. I still think this 'Million Token' is some kind of joke and social experiment just to show how stupid and naive peoples really are and as exemple what not to do and what not to invest like 'sh** coins' , right ??

  8. Nobody becames a millionaire or billionaire's by working for others and depending on them, good investment brings millions and consistency brings billions, the market is all about BTC now

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