Crypto Newbie Portfolio, ideal strategy and allocation?

Crypto Newbie Portfolio, idea strategy and allocation? ——————————– My other channels and subscribe!

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  1. My hair is looking just like yours. I haven't had a haircut since February and definitely due for one.

    I have been saving up to buy some more coins and build my portfolio. My only issue is I can't stop buying ADA. I need to take your advice from this video and spread out my portfolio. I am currently taking a risk of having the majority in ADA. But I've always been a risk-taker.

  2. Great video thanks, I already have all the coins you mentioned and am also keen on staking coins, not really concerned with the current price, looking to the future when these "free coins" gain real value! Ve Chain staking easy peasy from my Exxodus wallet and fairly decent VeThor!

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