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  1. I see the currency of earth being Solana. Seems right that people would be like, "That costs 30 Sols." It's the name of our sun. The currency will be used on the space stations and Moon and Mars bases. Just wins because of the name. I don't see people using Bits or Ethereums or Decentrals or Polkadots etc. Nope. It's gonna be Sols. Although Bits is a close second. Aliens will come and exchange their alien money for Sols. Yeah I like Sols for the long run.

  2. Thanks Guy. I listen to al your contents except the ones I missed by chance. I have a serious proposal for you how could I reach u ? Wouldn't mind flying to the UK for it I live in the US. Kindly respond thank again for your richest contents

  3. I honestly don't understand how you can't make an in depth XRP video with the lawsuit being about a month/2 months from being over and the price being below a dollar… It's the absolute biggest opportunity in crypto. I understand you don't like it, but that doesn't mean you should ignore it!

  4. Hello guys please can someone help I don’t understand (as a non native english speaker) what’s the point with the released of 8 billions of obligations at the end of December : a pump, a dive, none of this ? Put simply what’s the expected ?

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