E61: 2022 Predictions! Business, politics, science, tech, crypto, & more

0:00 Recapping the “Superspreader” 6:12 Predicting 2022’s biggest political winner 11:57 Predicting 2022’s biggest political loser …

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  1. The trash talk amongst friends mixed into macro economic and political themes is what makes this an incredible show.

    Podcasts that are all data and figures get dry. Podcasts that never discuss real issues in enough depth are trivial.

    A great mix of humor and substance.

  2. Once all of the so-called vaccine-hesitant have become vaccinated, only then can you blame the health and political leadership for the lingering crisis. Americans have chosen a freedom to die and/or make others sick over public and economic health. That’s why we are where we are in the COVID-19 journey. Using a rear view mirror to time-shift the realities of COVID is the most disappointing segment all year.

  3. There is a difference between large scale animal agriculture and raising animals in conditions where they can socialize and enjoy their lives before being eaten. The first is nothing but suffering and torture (and environmentally catastrophic), while the latter is dignified (and potentially biodynamic). I wish this dichotomy was being discussed.

  4. You guys have really grown in subscribers! Well done! I originally started watching due to Chamath. And even though I don't always agree with all of you, even Chamath, I'm glad this podcast has introduced me to all you guys! You've all definitely have given me different perspectives…

  5. These clowns are only interesting to themself, and they have an illusion that their show is important. They better go to see therapist to fix their personal issues than broadcast 1 hour plus of blaming others.

  6. I’m a meat eater but it is definitely one of the most hypocritical acts in our world today. By Chamaths same line of thinking we should be ok with the genocide in third world
    countries. The killers have evolved to be the apex predator. Too bad for everyone else! I guess Chamath would excuse Hitler as well.

  7. If you people knew how much teachers make and the shit they have to put up with – especially Special Ed teachers – you would never make these comments. Would you clean up a class room walls and furnitures and carpets splattered with some stranger's crazy kid's diarrhea for $45k a year? How about when that same kid is 160 lbs at 3rd grade and is bum rushing you and hitting you as hard as he can for no reason? Teachers – especially Sp Ed teachers – are truly special breed. I know I never could do it. You guys should try to be empathetic towards others – not only to other milliionaires. It's not as simple as "if you dont want to do it, get another job". if that were the case, nobody would be teachers. And at this rate, US is going to be extremely short of qualified teachers very soon.

  8. ((1–> 0)*λ–>(∞…,2,1,0))*λ 1 is all the wealth collapse into zero. Wich zero is the collective wealth of collapse into a small point. that point is now affected by the scalar λ. meaning once you collapse energy (wealth in this case) into 1 of the few people owning that wealth. That zero will collapse into chaos affected by the randomness of λ… meaning the canvas is free to paint another picture of the future.

  9. 49:50 This was really interesting because after hearing that, I went on to check the numbers and turns out, in nearly all countries in Asia and Europe, the suicide rate has actually decreased over the past two years during the pandemic. What did America do different/wrong that led to such increase in mental issues amongst children? Socio-economic/wealth gaps and lockdowns were not limited to America. What was the variable here then?

  10. I didn't know Friedberg was vegan.. Mad respect and thanks for sharing your beliefs! I totally agree that it's unnecessary especially if we have a choice. Have a wonderful new year and I can't wait to see what the future of food technology brings! Cheers! 🍸

  11. 52:20 another example of Chammath dropping the ball … the audience on YouTube is not all kids and gaming, there are over 120 million active users and most people want truth.

    The lack of infrastructure around this Is a benefit because then corporate incentives won’t interfere with the content that they’re trying to post

  12. Chamath's point, which I agree with, was more around the relatively small GDP of Russia in respect to how much influence it seems to have on the global scene. Russia is like a toddler at the dinner table disrupting everyone else with its behaviour.

  13. It’s super interesting to watch the development of the group dynamics of the four besties. The longer I watch the more I think David Friedberg is, by a long shot, the most logical one of the group.

  14. With all my respect, the fact that one is intellectually "superior" does not allow causing profound suffering, not people not animals. That is also contradictory to the fact that such person would be "superior". Tigers do not have a choice; people do. At least we should allow animals to have happy life and non-painful death, even better to develop good tasting artifical meat etc.

  15. Sacks just openly putting down drug addicts in every episode is a pretty disheartening thing to see. Your Republican friends policies to just lock them all in jail hasn’t been working pal. Open your mind.

  16. all this hatred for teachers?! arent american teachers really badly paid already? these guys hate the school system, weird, 'defund schools' nope refund the schools! pay your fucking teachers

  17. I don't like how Chamath, a billionaire, whose kids will probably never step foot in a public school, keeps crapping on teacher's unions, which represents some of our most over-worked and under-paid workers.

  18. Teacher are not parents. The pandemic forced parents to be parents. They saw first hand what their children are really like. You can’t blame teachers for your failings as a parent. Plus what do you expect from a work force that earns the salaries of chipotle workers. Raising wages and changing the quality of applicant will do wonders for the industry. In addition to parents owning up to the fact they are part of the problem.

  19. So grateful they have a guy like Friedberg raising the flag on industrialised animal torture, otherwise it would just be a bunch of dudes circle jerking over steak and bacon.

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