Earn Passive Income With Cryptocurrency 2021 | TOP THREE METHODS

I discuss three top ways I earn passive income with Cryptocurrency in 2021. 00:00 Intro 02:26 Investing in Crypto Strategy #1 04:07 Investing in Crypto Strategy …

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  1. You mean the PLANDEMIC. covid 19 was all known, and all planned for economic reset. This is Bible prophecy in the making.
    Keep Jesus Christ primary focus.
    Once in a life time pandemic???? You do realize the end result. That this is the beast system. Will start out promising, but in the end you will be FORCED TO TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST IN ORDER TO BUY, AND SELL.
    When that happens. NEVER TAKE THE MARK. God will supply your needs through Jesus Christ.

  2. Q: for high tax brackets, does it not make sense not to sell crypto (ever thoretically). Blow off top would have to correct more than 25% to buy in at better cost for greater shares to be ahead from a tax standpoint, assuming capital gains stay at 50%. Do you agree? Advise please.

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