Easy 1 min Scalping Strategy For Crypto

Easy 1 Minute Scalping Strategy For Crypto Watch out for scammers Pretending to be me in the comments section! I will never send you a link, all my links are in …

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  1. Thanks Jaxo.
    I’ve been using 13, 21 and 200 EMAs on the 3m TF but not been overly successful with trades.
    Definitely trying this out!

    PS: How do you do the pause and play thing on TV please?

  2. Im doing something super similar, for inexperienced traders Id recommend to add 200ema and RSI and take longs when price is above 200ema and rsi is >50 and shorts when price under 200ema and rsi <50, will filter out a lot of trades against the trend.

  3. Ya boi. That's what I'm talking about (scalping)… personally I use ABC (+ market structure of course) + MACD histogram. As for your strat, EMAs are WAAAAAAY too slow, you miss 4/5ths of the move and RSI / Stocastic RSI gives way too many false signals @ anything below 30 min, all just imo of course.

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