Ep.1: Financial Freedom || ETH Predictions || Exit Strategies || Long Term ALTS

Time Stamps: 0:00 Are you spoiled by this bull market? 2:20 What does financial freedom mean to you? 6:43 Taking profits based on timeline or price points?


  1. I watch a lot of YouTube video and see a lot of traders earning massively and then I start to wonder what I would possibly be doing wrong because I’ve been trading for a couple of months and every trading attempt seems to be red .never have I seen a Green Day .it is really frustrating seeing loses with any profit.
    I’m starting to feel hopeless any advice for a struggling trader??

  2. One more comment. As a family guy with 2 young boys. I look to crypto financing as a tool to sustain a financially viable future for NOT me but for my boys. With your hard earned crypto assets, are you two only using hard ledgers? Have you lost funds by your mistakes and what can young crypto financiers like me learn from your mistakes. Thank you.

  3. Seriously, love you two. Genuinely, real people. Out of all the youtubers that spew unrealized content just for an increase in viewership; I find your content refreshing. Thank you.

  4. I kick myself everyday for not getting into BTC when it was $70….but then I console myself w/ the fact that there is no way I'd still have it today. I would have probably sold it all long before it got to $1000! Yes, for big profits, but not quite the same as holding it from then til now. Now that I have seen what it can do, I never plan on selling all of my BTC, at any price.

  5. Solana proof of history technology appears to be a breakthrough. Kind of makes me wonder if all the other "ethereum killer" protocol developers and ethereum itself should consider this as a superior alternative to all the complex sharding strategies which look a bit Rube Goldberg-ish in comparison.

  6. Advising new investors to look at graphs from the past is like advising new drivers to predict the next curve by looking in their rear view at the last one.

  7. Gracias!…..love these casual, "on remote" chats…..i would prob watch yall talk about cheese…ha!……i love that you both surf, and i never really hear you say this, but i cant help feel there must be a good number of archetypal similarities in "surfing" the market movements, including the many disruptive elements in motion in this "sea change"…. rock on!…..Rx

  8. Another amazing video! New to this space….any thoughts on Uphold platform? Hawaii seems to have some difficulties with allowing trading platforms. Thanks!

  9. I liked to hear what you guys think of XRP and XLM for the long term? Wish I had found you guys a long time ago, however, I am here now for long haul. Please keep up the great work..

  10. Toby and Heidi,
    THANKS for the interaction, THANKS for the Tips and THANK You Very MUCH for the insight. In the few weeks that I've been a Patreon Member, I have LEARNED SO MUCH from You and also, made good gains on SOL!
    THANK YOU, THANKS, Mucho Gracias!

  11. Just found u guys this week. Absolutely love the content, u don't seem to be pumping coins and have a secret agenda. Which as the space gets more popular, seems to be harder to find. Got a new subscriber. Great work, keep it up!!

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