Ep 112 Is the stock market going to crash crypto? The KSProcess researches the answer. KSModel

KS Process – KS Model. There are a lot of news stories predicting a massive market sell off. The KS Process and KS Model are designed the track the daily true …


  1. I'm busy preparing a new video for our awesome community. I just wanted to thank everyone for their amazing comments and extend a very warm welcome to everyone new to our small community – you are very welcome here, as are your friends and loved ones 🙂

  2. Key take away: FOMC minutes analysis did support moves in market and bond spike. And taper continues unabated. Moves up continue. Love the material you present. This is professional.

  3. Wow there were chats you showed I didn't even know existed… The only thing is I don't know what it means so when you showed us the real gdp chart to increase from this year to next year. I know it's good for economy but does it mean anything for the markets? Sometimes Im not sure how everything is connectec?

  4. Hi Ken, thank you for your super detailed dive into the state of the market.. Can I ask your opinion regarding the possibility of the likes of soros suppressing the bitcoin price like how silver seems to be suppressed? I keep hearing of bitcoin shortages and know these hedge funds can manipulate till they filled their allocation requirements.. Love to hear your seasoned view of this.. 🤔🙏

  5. Hi Ken. Here are some additional thoughts on the OODA loop.
    This latest episode reminded me of the following observations.

    The OODA loop, which focuses on strategic military requirements, was adapted for business and public sector operational continuity planning.

    Compare it to the plan–do–check–act (PDCA) cycle or Shewhart cycle.

    The OODA loop also serves to explain the nature of surprise and shaping operations in a way that unifies Gestalt psychology, cognitive science and game theory in a comprehensive theory of strategy. Utility theory (the basis of game theory) describes how decisions are made based on the perceived value of taking an action. The OODA loop shows that prior to making a decision (the decide phase), the person will first have to get information (observe) and determine what it means to him and what he can do about it (orient). In this way, the utility sought at the decide phase can be altered by affecting the information the opponent receives and the cognitive model he applies when orienting upon it.

  6. Hi Ken, I live in the U.K. and hold shares in the only U.K. listed Bitcoin miner – Argo Blockchain. I’ve noticed you feature MARA and RIOT on your analysis who are competitors and I would really like to get your help establishing where Argo is at the moment and specifically the price point of resistance it needs to break through? Many thanks as always, R

  7. Great video! The comparative analysis of treasuries vs BTC was super useful in gaining some understanding of the macro-level situation re: risk-on/risk-off.

  8. Ken, I watch your videos to bring in the inner calm despite the market short term visionism (if that’s a word)
    I’m here for the long haul but keeping the forward vision is ditto “against mass odds” of public sentiment is too much at times.
    Thank you for these explanations on the dependency impacts, of the market forces.

  9. Hey man you say trying to help peopl? Forget about all that cute drawing and read the chart and tell me what part of it says we are going up. Use any indicator that you wish and tell me which one shows 1% hope to go up.we are about to fall off the cliff.who wants to bet. Or maybe you mean some day price will go up, after we hit 10K

  10. Youve become my favourite crypto channel. Youre always calm and collected, not like other youtubers who hype up everything. Keep up the good work

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