EP08 – CRYPTO INVESTING TAMIL| Crypto.com Exchange Benefit| 50% Discount Crypto| Yearly 1000$ Profit

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  1. 10 Episodes published on Crypto Investing series in Tamil & English below.

    #1 Option – BITRUE Wallet – Earn Daily Interest / Income – High Interest DEMO – https://youtu.be/znvLNDZ7tGM

    BITRUE LINK – https://www.bitrue.com/activity/task/task-landing?inviteCode=LQWGZA&cn=900000

    IMPORTANT : Make sure to validate Mobile Number & Identity to increase security and withdrawal limits.

    Basic Wallets to Sell & Withdraw Money into Bank Account Easily – EP03 – https://youtu.be/lB8SoThSkNs

    Coinbase – https://www.coinbase.com/join/5de92e447fe1c004f207e866 – Free Crypto Earn

    India – Wazirx – https://wazirx.com/invite/9c5m4t5z – Trading Fees 50% discounted

    To buy ZAP Crypto Wallet & Exchange Links – Please watch EP04.2 & EP10 on how to use these

    BEST Option for ZAP – https://www.bitrue.com/activity/task/task-landing?inviteCode=LQWGZA&cn=900000

    Crypto Mobile Wallet BONUS 50$ has Expired on 31-Oct-2020. Please do not sign up to Mobile Wallet for the 50$ Sign up anymore as the staking requirements has changed.

    Crypto.com – EXCHANGE Bonus 50$ & Benefits still available – https://youtu.be/dCrFcwah1SY

    Crypto.com – Exchange LINK – https://crypto.com/exch/5mh55zmsvh

    #cryptotamil #bitcointamil #freecrypto

    Please make sure to watch EP01 and EP02 before EP03 & EP04 and deciding to invest for the risks involved in Crypto Investing.



    EP01 – கிரிப்டோ கரன்சியில் சம்பாதிக்கலாமா? – https://youtu.be/QVStxkh5JdM

    EP02 – My portfolio , Price Chart , Tax & Further Updates – https://youtu.be/GBtMy_dAbqU

    EP03 – Best Wallet and Exchange for buying crypto | 138$ Free Crypto – https://youtu.be/lB8SoThSkNs

    EP04 – How to buy ZAP | Enjin Wallet, Changelly, Poloniex Demo – https://youtu.be/TcFVRE6zlhw

    EP04.2 – Follow up on ZAP | Best Exchange for ZAP | Buy & Sell – https://youtu.be/sCk4A60-1dw

    EP05 – Crypto Derivatives Ban ? Price drop explained – https://youtu.be/g59H8R2VWoQ

    EP06 – Beldex and Tron Coins | Tracking prices and portfolio – https://youtu.be/DN9HQSvbuNM

    EP07 – My favourite crypto wallet |50 $ Bonus|- CRYPTO.COMhttps://youtu.be/SEtnNiTKRDY

    EP07.2 – In India How to get 50 $ Bonus & withdraw Immediately – https://youtu.be/SEtnNiTKRDY

    EP08 – Crypto.com EXCHANGE 50% Discount Crypto – https://youtu.be/dCrFcwah1SY

    EP09 – Market blood bath | HODL Explained | Paper Loss & profit – https://youtu.be/9lLLuS2c9Uo

    EP10 – Daily Crypto Interest & Income BITRUE FULL DEMO – https://youtu.be/znvLNDZ7tGM


    EP01 – Crypto Investment – How much money can we make ? https://youtu.be/P6CSv49_T3w

    EP02 – Crypto Investment | My Portfolio | – https://youtu.be/2xGsD7to7aM

    EP03 – Best Wallet & Exchange | Demo to buy sell | 138 $ Free – https://youtu.be/n0qS7DwqtTM

    EP04 – Best Exchange for ZAP | Buy Sell Demo | Bitrue – https://youtu.be/8K9any9VNnw

    EP05 – Crypto Derivatives Ban across the world? explained – https://youtu.be/HeH-9_Up4Vk

    EP06 – Beldex and TRON coin | Live Price tracking and portfolio – https://youtu.be/BErySJIkwAM

    EP07 – My favourite wallet explained | Full Demo | 50 $ Bonus – https://youtu.be/2_iLD6ZN8hg

    EP08 – Crypto.com EXCHANGE 50% Discount Crypto – https://youtu.be/D_ALdb2mvn0

    EP10 – Daily Crypto Interest & Income BITRUE FULL DEMO – https://youtu.be/9NoF8QKJ_nE

  2. Most underrated channel on crypto. You are making my day in crypto. I didn't believe in crypto first. I thought it is working on purely demand and supply only. Now I understand the different products and schemes through you. It makes me believe in crypto. I am going to invest slowly and steadily. Thanks Anand.

  3. Transferred 5700 CRO from Crypto App to Exchange. It is showing as completed in Deposit/withdrawal history of Crypto Exchange. But when tried to stake CRO, it says insufficient balance. Any suggestion?

  4. Hello Mr. Anand, I tried to do a deposit on crypto.com , but now they ask to buy CRO equals to 500 Singapore dollars. Is it still worth buying and investing ? Your suggestions please. Thanks in advance. I attended your twitter space forum today. It was very useful. Thanks for that too.

  5. Bro
    One general question

    I am confused…
    Sometimes the coin prices getting hype and sometimes getting decreasing…

    I cannot make a decision to sell it while when it get hyped.

    I know that it will decreases on some point but I am not taking the decision to sell it…

    How could I predict

  6. Hi anna. Your videos are really good and I learned a lot. Big thanks to you for sharing your knowledge to educate every one.

    At this point of time, what's your thought on making investment on CRO coin? While analyzing the chart, price of CRO have drops recently. I thought the reason might most CRO coin stake holders started during October 2020 might released their coins.
    What's your overview on this point?

    And what's your advise to people like me, if planning to stake CRO now?

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