Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction January 2022 | Where I'm Buying 👀

Ethereum price prediction for January 2022 ▻ Get up to $250 in Bitcoin: ▻ $5 in Bitcoin from …

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  1. Justin you should be sceptic , because you told many times that VET will reach 1$, instead VET is going down and down….your predictions are not acurate at all….many people believed you and invested….VET is always down….you told many times in Twitter, that VET acording to your opinion would reach 1$…..

  2. Great breakdown as always. Looking at the daily chart again this morning (which doesn't look great), I'm just not seeing that $3150ish holding. I think we're most likely heading towards that $2840 level and maybe tagging 2700 in the process. Partly basing that on the BTC chart, looking like $30k is back in play. Anyway, thanks again, these videos definitely have me taking a more critical look at my levels.

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