Ethereum Explodes As Major Scaling Protocol Launches!

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  1. Layer 2 off ETH is silly, many other FULL BLOCKCHAINS are cheaper and faster than Polygon and have bridges from more than just Ethereum.

    Layer 2 off Ethereum is like it lives next to a fast lane, something like Harmony ONE or Avalanche are their own tranquil spaces with proper "transportation" lanes between cities, Polygon is a really awkward turn right off Ethereum that still always has to involve Ethereum. Silly.

  2. Really nice Content !!! Can you please also cover about parastate !! The ParaState parachain brings Ethereum protocol support to the Polkadot ecosystem. While it is backward compatible with today’s EVM applications, it is future-proofs the Ethereum protocol by bringing the LLVM and WebAssembly developer communities into the Polkadot ecosystem. It is your best choice of next-gen Web3 applications one-stop developing platform. It is Ethereum on Steroids.

  3. i've got a piece of that action without even holding any eth at all.. because i have Unibright [UBT]. Testnet just launched for baseledger. I have Enterprise adoption covered for any that decide they want to build on ethereum. Microsoft, Google, Target [The Store chain that is like Walmart], Lufthansa airlines, & many more have decided to build on Unibright, which is like a sidechain for eth for the enterprise sector.

  4. Lark's hilarious commentary on BTC reaching ATH – "C'mon, Bitcoin…let's get it together old buddy!" and "It'll get there one of these days, he's an old slow guy…" Gotta love BTC but that's one crypto that needs an upgrade! Lightning, smart contracts, anything…

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