Ethereum Hits ALL TIME HIGH! Hallelujah! Bitcoin Going PARABOLIC!!!

Ethereum just hit a NEW all-time high! A $5K ETH is so close that we can almost taste it. Why is Ethereum going up so fast and is it sustainable? Can the retail …

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  1. If you can can you look into the fundamentals of this? Meme coin but creating a game and proceeds go to the florida coral restoration foundation… i see something here. No need to mention if you think it’s rubbish but i’ve done a dive and it looks like a 500x or 1000x to get to marketcap of shiba. Coin telegraph mentioned it the other day too i think. Thanks

  2. I was such a BitBoy hater. I have new perspective. I really do think you want others to gain wealth and contribute to the crypto universe. I am a safemoon guy. Although I think you are wrong on this one, and I think you are doing a disservice to those that could potentially make great gains in SFM, I am growing to appreciate your content….mostly. Could do without the clickbait….I know its common but at over a million subscribers, I genuinely think you can rest on your experience and influence. I think that would put you above most others professionally. Kept my mind open and now I am a subscriber.

  3. One project I’ve got my eye on is sponsee, fully doxxed and they actually have a real case use and the team is very transparent which is always a good sign. Public launch on the 12 nov, trust me you don’t want to miss it🔥

  4. I like your style Ben…. however… buying personal items like sunglasses from a shop inside a casino is definitely on the over priced side… but you already knew that! Best of hands coupled with good decisions to you… I would love to see you win the WSOP!

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