Ethereum: Is It Too Late to Invest?

A question I often get is, is it too late to buy Ethereum? In this video I will be sharing some exciting analysis that shows why the Ethereum price will likely be …

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  1. Im going to invest 1000 dollars on crypto and forget about it until the news hit (if ever) that it blew up. It could be 15 years or 20 years..i dont care.

    Now my question is.. if i invest 1000 dollars , i want to exist when i make 500k at least.

    Wich crypto can do that?
    Because ethe is at 2k … If i put 1k and it jumps up to 20 k… I just made 10k at the max..

    So .. i am willing to hold a crypto for years.. but i want something thats about $1 and wait till it grows to $500 ..

    Can anyone tell me wich coins to check out? ..

    This is my first hour of crypto research.

  2. Ethereum is the selected blockchain of 89% of all startUps both on DeFi and NFT this is why I expect ethereum to break the 10.000 $ barrier BEFORE Bitcoin breaks the 100.000 $ ! We all are going to use the Ethereum ecosystem one way or another, we all are going to burn Ethereum sometimes in our life even people who doesn't buy crypto's are going to burn Ethereum just because they use VISA cards for payments

  3. thanks dude, I should follow ur advice. btw, when do ya plan to review Green Arrow Token? Their $GAT coin is cool! So many ideas on how to use it in their upcoming ecosystem with Anti-rug launchpad and Gaming… Have you seen their Booster app?

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  5. This is a nice video, I must admit.
    Trading stocks is quite difficult for newbies with low experience due to the high rate of scammers and losses involved. I will always recommend your videos for beginners to have a basic understanding of stocks and cryptocurrency . guys like you are rarely seen, keep it up .

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