Ethereum Price To Explode Expert Predicts! – Buy The Dip?

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  2. Problem with Rao Paul and the other “experts” is they are very vocal when things are going well and generally state the obvious but are silent when thinhs go tits up due to some unforeseen risk. Everyone thought Bitcoin would pump when El Salvador went live – didnt plan on the World Bank and the IMF. Trying to make an example by dumping on Bitcoin and crashing crypto

  3. I see like this:
    When big investors tell you to buy when it’s in low price, it’s because they want their investment to go high.
    When they tell you to buy when the price is high, its because they want to sell and want your money.
    When they tell you to sell, it’s because they want your criptos or stocks.

    Maybe I have said something wrong but one thing is for sure, they want to be more rich, not you.

  4. I love ETH, but $20k end of year is ridiculous IMO. (Yes I am aware this man is 100,000 more accomplished than I ever will be) That would be 1.7-1.8 Trillion dollar market cap. I don't think that is a reasonable estimate. Maybe 10K Eth. MAYBE.

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