F1 Sprint Highlights | 2021 Italian Grand Prix | Crypto.com

Enjoy highlights from our second F1 Sprint of the season – an 18 lap blast around the Temple of Speed! For more F1® videos, visit …

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  1. f1 is overfilled with usless rules and thats why i dont watch anny f1 race since 5 or 10 years… i was a big fan, but today.. nah.. i dont even remeber the last race i watchet.. and back days i was 2x in italy on a race.. first was a birthday gift, 2nd a trip with friends

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  3. Crashstappen doing his usual cheating, he is just like Schumacher, three of whose titles were won as a result of cheating. Crashstappen is a poor driver who has always made up for it by threatening to ram other cars, forcing them to back down. His racing licence should have been taken away years ago, but F1 has always favoured cheats, especially if they drive ferraris. Seems Red Bull have now paid for that privilege.

  4. SEE MAX?!! see how Ricciardo was along side you after turn one but then gave up the corner to you, instead of making a silly move up the inside of turn 2? see how you pushed DaniRic wide and caused him to slam on his brakes causing Gasly to run into the back of him?

  5. La FIA debe mandar un mensaje claro y directo en contra de maniobras que coloquen la integridad y vida de un piloto como la ejecutada por Max hoy a Lewis..no esperemos a que ocurra una trajedia mayor para tomar las acciones y medidas correspondientes para salvalguardar la vida de los pilotos..

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