FaZe Clan FIRE Kay and Suspend Jarvis Teeqo Nikan After Scam

FaZe has responded to the SaveTheKids crypto scam by firing FaZe Kay from the org, and suspending Jarvis, Nikan, and Teeqo until further notice. A stunning …


  1. Why do they even need to scam? They’re part of the biggest gaming org, all of them are filthy fucking rich. At least it was the most cringe-worthy members, i guess.

  2. Let's think about it Kay and Jarvis are brothers and they are very close I personally think he had more than what we think he had involved

  3. What the Thuck is wrong with faze kay and jarvis just because you got in a boxing match and you won dosent mean you can do all this shit if other boxers wanted they could easily beat you my brother to would fuck Your brother up and you

  4. Jarvis needs to be kicked… First cheating then this. They are only giving Jarvis suspension because of his newfound popularity from boxing and nikan and teeqo are getting special treatment because of how long they've been in faze

  5. I hope people realise now that they are nothing but money grabbing thieves they are giving millions to kids sort the money out get the scammers out

  6. As much as I enjoy their CDL team and their COD players and some of the players on other rosters, support better teams like 100Thieves, Subliners, TRIBE, C9, TSM, G2. At least their peeps aren’t a bunch of zoomer children making quick bucks and chasing clout

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