Final Massive Crypto easter egg found in the 4th bunker

I found another Crypto Easter Egg in the 4th bunker or a Mila easter egg, you could call it. I had to share this video straight away because it’s in the 4rd bunker in …

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  1. What would be cool is if crypto disappears from the games and is not selectable for a season or 2 and then the sister enters under a disguise w a cool skill set…..then she rescues crypto. And then crypto is selectable but has slightly different skills. He is fighting after finding his sister to take down the syndicate.

  2. Blisk went missing because of Hammond and the syndicate rigged the games as we know and blisk motto is you kills them you’re better they kill you they’re better. Blisk is the apex games commissioner so obviously blisk didn’t like the fact that the apex games are rigged so I think he is trying to destroy Hammond and syndicate which I think he tried but they probably said to blisk that they would stop giving him acces to they’re new technology because in titan fall 2 blisk is with the imc and he was getting paid a lot by them but he never got paid during his missions he always would complete his mission then get paid and with him helping them he would also get access to new technology

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