Flare / Spark XRP Fork Airdrop – What U Need To Know | Crypto Corner 118

CRYPTO CORNER EPISODE 116 ▻The Markets Today 03:35 ▻Flare Network – Spark Token Airdrop details 06:31 ▻Your Questions Answered ▻Twitter …

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  6. This guy makes no sense. Don’t listen to him. He said don’t get and hold FLR because everyone’s gonna sell. But he’s gonna hold some. But everyone will dump but some will hold becaus it’s good for the community/network…lol WTF SMH!! Lol!

  7. I just subscribed for your channel because I liked the analysis. As a matter of fact that's what I think as well it'll happen. I also agree that BTC will undergo a correction. How much only God knows. One thing it's predictable about BTC is that it's unpredictable, lol…
    p.s. out if curiosity: what nationality are you?(why do I get the feeling that you're Bulgarian or I'm wrong)

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