Flux News (Crypto Strategy 2022 Evergrade Market Crash) What is Web 3 Mini Series

Flux News and Crypto Strategies for 2022! Thats a wrap Flux Army. Nothing but love for y’all What is Web 3? Are all Web 3.0 …

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  1. I did not gain anything from this "conversation", "value", "take out profits", "flux going up in value" what did I just watch? a huge wast of time.

    Pluss the leading player for eating strorage is Protocol Labs(Filcoin)
    and the leading player eating the DNS is handshake(HNS).

    Also with FVM on filcoin there is not anyone that's even close to competing with them.

  2. Where would an American buy KDA and FLUX? Sucks feeling like you’re gonna get in trouble trying to back door purchase on Kucoin. My fear is I won’t be able to transfer out of Kucoin because they’ll want to verify with phone

  3. I think it’s safe to say that everybody is sick to the back teeth of these shit crypto’s that we all thought would make us rich by now taking huge losses day after day week after week & month after month. It’s just a good way to lose money & I’m not putting fuck all else until any of these shit crypto’s any time soon.

  4. Thank you very very much RY..! For bringing me the noliage to succeed..
    Without your efforts and you putting your heart on your sleeve. To honesty inform.. I would not have learned about Flux or KDA or had the benefit to listen to Dan Keller who by the way is the real deal.. (amazing insight).!! So really RY.. I just wanted to say Thank you.. Because your the cat that did it.!!
    So again RY Thank you..

  5. That was a fun series, I wish it did not end. I can keep listening to both, Ryan & Dan, all day long and never get bored. Learnt so much and took notes.

    Dan must be a busy guy, but it will be great to have him back once in a while. And thanks Ryan for bringing in smart people for interviews, asking great questions & educating us. Thank you!

  6. This whole crypto is just the biggest scam.
    1. Your crypto can be stolen from these computer nerds.
    2. No regulation no insurance.
    3. For these influences and developers can only make money if you lose your money.
    So really think about it These guys are happy to take your money hard earned money, they are A holes.
    Don’t be fooled, you need people to lose their money for you to make money. Is this what life is about these scums get rich while you lose.
    They have inside information, they buy and sell first. Their just dogs.

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