Gamestop Bombshell News! GME Crypto Dividend Proof!

Gamestop will launch its own crypto on July 14th, 2021??A cryptocurrency dividend as an NFT!! The Mother of All Short Squeezes is coming! GME Naked shorts …


  1. If this July 14 event transpires, then it would be pure fkn genius. So many cultural references… Anime. The Storming of Bastille (Bastille= Citadel). The Easter Egg game… Shits blows my mind. Ryan's "brick by brick" tweet… The various GIFs. The sinister tone of that document about the new security.

    Lads, are we expecting to multibag soon? How high can this rocket go? I am jacked to the teeets. Lambos and lobsters? This feels like Harry Potter on steroids. The plot thickens. Immense.

  2. Robinhood got a slap on the wrist for what they did to retail. There is now way any of us wouldn’t be in prison if we tried some shit like that.

  3. $FRM also have reward for those who have NFT from them, not just that but also eligible to participate in launchpad with guarantee allocation

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  5. Hey Chico, no offense but I actually preferred your previous background.. this one is very dark 😉 for the rest nice video as usual! 🙂

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