Google Banks with Citi Group. Citi Bank Is Ready For Crypto. Ripple Ties With Citi Bank for Years?🐻

Bitrue is my #1 XRP exchange, lending and interest earning platform: (If I can do it, so can you!) Citi Bank endorsed Ripple’s …


  1. You really need to look at Citi future of payments document it’s got Ripple (named) throughout the document. Good video with some good information thank you 🕰🧨💥🚀

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  3. I follow quite a few XRP channels…this video was very well done and outside of personal opinion channels "i am not a financial advisor" types that simply pick twitter news post or TA talk. Liked and subscribed. More please!

  4. Ok, I like the videos and all but is no one gonna talk about your video when you snapped and recommended a bunch of coins?

  5. I guess all the "moon-boys" shaked out of the community. And this is good! Everybody who invested in the last two years are in the red! My respect to everybody who is still in the market. I stay and HODL since I did the last two years. This experience is our own! Nobody can talk like us and with us, only the 0,1% of XRP HODLERS in Investors. This is a price war and we are veterans with nerves out of steel now!

  6. I'm not gay, but, 20 XRP is 20 XRP. Every penny I can get my hands on buys XRP. I am beyond the realm of all in. How could anyone shun this opportunity? XRP will be the nuclear crypto. All others will fall by the wayside.

  7. great video

    I passed it along to friends, with the below summary:

    this is important .. especially Chris Larsen speaking in the second half, back in 2014 .. about how you only need a small clutch of banks from each national jurisdiction, using their clearing house licence to remit overseas, means those same instos can opt to use a different remittance service .. meaning, where US banks typically go via ACH as the Gateway to their correspondent banks, they instead change to a RippleNet service provider, obviating the delays experienced using the ACH as their international Gateway .. such RippleNet providers are like Bittrex in the US .. the Market Makers aspect of the vid, concerns itself with Google, a Ripple investor, who appear will only go into banking, as recently announced, if they have their banking partners make the choice to use RippleNet service providers, like Bittrex

    Thanks for taking the time to think this through, and then upload your ideas in a well crafted video .. beautiful

  8. Bro keep making content you are on another level to most You tubers – This is your talent keep at it! Very educational and inspiring

  9. Great job, bear. Strangely, I poured out some liquor for you a few months back… heard you went belly up… good to see you still making videos… from this dimension or another.

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