Have You Seen This BIS Crypto Report?? It's CRAZY!! 👀

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  1. It is 100% shure that the volatility of btc comes from market manipulation. The PVSRA and Charts that Display liquidations at certain price levels show the Manipulation without a doubt.

  2. Ony wy bis whant to have controll is that people can robe from thare cash and stay pore.
    Pore people are easy to controle and you can abuse them.
    Really bis is like a slave trader a master over the slave to sell and use.
    Selling it to the people who have cash and friends of the system.

  3. Baby wolf token hit a new ATH today ! the community is getting bigger and holders are growing massively sitting at a market cap of $6.1 Million and ATH this token is crazy check them out at twitter to make sure you get the correct token @babywolf_token

  4. The reason i got into crypto is because FIAT IS DEAD & BANKS GOVERNMENTS CANNOT BE TRUSTED. This report is no more than toilet paper🙄

  5. Perhaps it's high time you made a video of the UK bank and regulation attacks on crypto? I've been asking you to address this ever since HSBC UK banned deposits and withdrawals to crypto exchanges……months ago. Are you actually living in the UK? Do you give a monkey's?
    As I said back then, other UK banks would follow, and sure enough Nat West, Barclays and Santander have joined the party.
    Also, Celsius App is refusing to allow profile and registration for UK citizens, and Binance is also on the end of the cosh from the UK FCA.
    Videos of alt coins, tokens, top crypto projects, etc, are all well and dandy, but you have been bizarrely ignoring this elephant in the room for months.

  6. As an XRP HODLer, I was chuffed to have them blow smoke up my arse instead of the usual hostility I encounter online. However my only real takeaway was that the banks are scared as they should be, thieving bunch of arseholes that they are.

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