Here is Why Cardano Is BEST CRYPTO Opportunity…

How To Stake Your Cardano In Minutes With Crypto Capital Venture!⬇ — Stake Your ADA With Ticker: CCV3 ➡ CCV3 Pool ID for …

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  1. ⬇How To Stake Your Cardano In Minutes With Crypto Capital Venture!⬇
    — Stake Your ADA With Ticker: CCV3 ➡

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    Intro 00:00
    Cardano "The Stablecoin" 1:25
    ADA is on track and here is why 2:00
    Cardano and Plutus Application Backend 4:00
    Cardano ecosystem is ground floor 5:30
    Social sentiment behind ADA 6:50
    Cardano is undervalued and already has adoption 9:45
    Zoom out on Cardano 11:50
    The right perspective 13:05
    The zoomed in ADA price charts 14:10

  2. The most relaxed and patient crypto YouTuber I know. Always turns out to be correct! When I lose faith I remind myself to come here. Thank you Dan 🙏🏻

  3. You really don't need to explain Cardano to anyone that jumped onboard at $2.50 and is pissed because they are down. Long term holders are killing it. If it doesn't move it doesn't move (it will with Sundae Swap, assuming it's a success). I'm not a crypto expert but I love what they are trying to do in the developing world. Appreciate the content keep it up!

  4. Dan, I appreciate your content. I got in late $2.36 but I’m am not worried about return today or tomorrow . I am postured for the long haul. Not looking to buy, flip and get caught in cycles. I love watching the developmental prospects of Cardano/ADA! Very excited.

  5. In a crypto world full of pump and dump, fomo-chasing bad actors in this space, you are a refreshing voice to hear, Dan. We need more voice of reason in today's world.

    Crypto is so early and it is attracting many bad actors to all corners of the marketplace. I hold very little Cardano because I wasn't early enough. I think some of us are forgetting one of the pillars of cryptocurrency and that is decentralization.

    Cardano is one of the most decentralized projects. It has a long-term vision. And it has one of the strongest fundamentals in this space. When you invest in fundamentals, it is hard to lose, and it is better for everyone in the crypto world.

  6. thanks for reminding us how far ada has come and how it's still one of the biggest opportunities for all of us despite its price trading rate, there's just so much more to ada to grow. I'm positive by the end of this year we will see major growth again like last uear

  7. Given that the Ethiopian government is probably going to bloodily cease to exist in the next few weeks possibly not the best example to give as adoption…

  8. Went into Cardano in September… I'm still confident in it as a long term project but wish I'd predicted the launch of smart contracts would result in a pull back – could have bought an 50% more….

  9. I wonder if this mornings ADA price movement is the begining of something. Once people see the smaller coins are finished surging, they will fomo into ADA as it rises.

  10. I think one thing that isn't emphasized enough: a hot project will go to the moon, but a quality project will stay there. Cardano staying steady for months at a time before climbing to the next wrung is a what you want to see in a quality investible project.

  11. ADAboy. 10000x better than any other dog coin or new coin out there. You get ADA (the actual Cardano ADA) with every buy/sell automatically into your wallet by holding ADAboy. Mind blown 😳😳🤯🤯

  12. So grateful you're also a Believer, Dan. Right attitude of gratitude. Health, financial stability, relationships – none of these are guaranteed in this short life where all of us will be forgotten. Death is one of the only guarantees, here – enjoy the little pursuits such as crypto and give thanks to the Lord!

  13. I personally agree 💯. Im a Cardano bag holder as we speak cause I bought at 2.34. But as we speak im adding. Great proyect, Charles is doing what he said he was gonna do. Its just a matter of time. Discounts happening right now. Load 🆙

  14. While I do agree with the idea of looking at the bigger picture, both you and the guy with the tweet at 8.50 probably don't take into consideration that most people started their journey into crypto this year and they have no points of references you or others may have, They just look at the charts (or even worse than that, just remember that ADA was 1.4$ and SOL was 20$ in june) and that's their "underperforming" meter, and you cannot really dismiss their point of view entirely either. there's no ultimate truth in this matter, each has a perspective of it's own, I see it useless for them to complain if they're not in the ecosystem or leave if they're not happy being a part of the ADA network and about as useless for urself to continue raising the ball for them to shoot it back at you (well, you are a content creator and probably make something with these videos). Sometimes, i wish I didn't encourage people to get into crypto because I recommend some channels I trust and give them the tools to think and act for themselves and I still get daily calls about "what does "X" mean?" or "did you hear what that guy just said in the video?" I need a vacation… and some content creators need one also (I do not mean you directly Dan with my comment here, it's just a general fact about this time of the bullmarket).

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