How I Invest in Meme Coins (Winning Crypto Strategy)

How I Invest in Meme Coins (Winning Crypto Strategy) – Timeline 0:00​ – Intro 1:07 – Thought Process of Memes 3:01 – My definition of “meme coin” 3:56 …

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  1. Chasing pump and dump tokens will cause you more grief than gains. And no, people are not free to do anything just because it is crypto, that's why the devs remain anonymous because they are scams. No attempt at originality, copying names of real coins and having no utility doesnt make you a meme token, you are scam! Call a spade a spade, this video should be titled "how to cash out from ponzi or scam coins". And by the way, when you shill scam and ponzi tokens (what you have called meme), the Feds will still come for you. So goodluck.

  2. You should check out Acria Network. Still on ICO and has already appeared in bitboy and other youtuber videos. Truly a hiddem gem…

  3. Hey Cowboy! I like u. But there is now way you can make money on a 100$ investment. The gas fees are just ridicilous.

    Are you actually just going with 100? Cause the strategy would make more sense to go with maybe 1000$. Put who wanna take the risk of putting in this amount on a lottery shitcoin

  4. Zero utility equals meme token, agreed.
    By this logic of course HEX is a meme token. Don't shoot the messenger, staking for more is not utility.

  5. I remember I bought one coin sometime ago, can't remember the name, it was fake coin, I had another experience again, I bought the coin but when I wanted to get out, I could not sale, no liquidity

  6. Thanks for your videos bro, am one your your day 1 follow, so how do I know a legit coin since am buying from day 1 and again how do I get information about new coin

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