How I’m Making $2,000 Per Day Online Using A Crypto Trading Bot

It’s been about 90 days since I started with this crypto trading bot and I want to show you the results I’ve gotten up to his point. It’s currently resulting in over …


  1. Great,dude

    Could you share your opinion on UNO? Saw smb was discussing it on Twi. They say UnoRe is made to give users complete control over insurance products and gain easier access to this market. Should I invest?

  2. Hey Josh do you know why the beurax system isn't working? I know they where updating but I cant find any info into why the systems off line. Thanks 😊

  3. I will never subscribe to your channel, your misleading people to throwing their money into a HYIP PONZI SCHEME….I will not be surprised to know your part of the scam because only a crazy person will invest $90k into a scam

  4. Hey Josh, thank you for the video. I do have one similar that I am making money, works fine, and is regulated. I do not take any commission on this, just a disclosure, but I can tell you all that I am receiving every month and I have two friends receiving every single month for the past 4 months without a problem.

  5. Any update on whether or not you are still getting paid? I have a bad feeling about the site. Over the past 24 hours my withdrawal and that of 3 of my downlines have gone to Pending mode. Live chat has switched to offline messages only. I think it might be GAME OVER. Hoping I am wrong. Let us know if you are still able to withdraw your eth daily.

  6. This is just a shitty crypto Ponzi scheme…. nothing more, nothing less. It will collapse or vanish when no more new money comes in to feed the people already in it.

  7. Hi Josh, i commented on a couple other videos but maybe you're monitoring these comments more since it's a newer video just wondering why is Beurax censored in the US? I want to do it but my wife wants me to make sure it's legal first lol

  8. Hello Joshua,I am watching your videos everything you uploaded them.They are very interesting and helpful,they really can change lives.Can we use this video ,in the section bellow, for promote our affiliate link on Beurax? Best wishes!

  9. These all are full scams…pls stay away from these platforms…they will give profit based on new registrations..and the entire system works on money rotation any moment they might disappear from mkt…don't put ur hard earned money

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