How to buy OMI tokens -A Crypto Ape guide

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  1. Can I deposit US dollar into bitforex and buy tether and then use tether to buy omi? Iam a little scared to transfer ethereum from coinbase to bitforex

  2. Does anyone know why Bitforex would have frozen my USDT when I purchased OMI? Is there a daily limit to how much OMI you can purchase?

  3. Signed up, sending ETH was going to cost me $300 from Coinbase, no idea why so I sent LINK….never arrived, at this point I'm not sure if I should believe the reviews/low liquidity rating, but I've never not recieved from a transfer so just a warning

  4. Would it not be easier and cheaper to send USDT to Bitforex and then just use that to buy OMI? Every tutorial I've seen has said to send ETH or BTC, sell that to USDT then buy OMI with that, is that 1st step necessary?

  5. my problem is i have 128$ in ETH on coinbase, it only let me transfer 33$ to bitforex but when i try to transfer the remaining it says i only have 0.40 cents of ETH but i actually have 128$ worth. do i have to wait until the money clear or something or this is some kind of bug or is it because its sunday? " i converted my BTC to ETH btw on coinbase".

  6. The perception of Bitforex was horrible in every review I saw when I initially looked into it, this video made it into an absolute breeze to navigate. Appreciate you brother, I wouldn't have these 150k coins of OMI without you!

  7. This vid was exactly what I was looking for (not new to crypto but not a pro either). Thanks for being straight up and not overcomplicating things for something that doesn't need to be complicated. I agree with your philosophy… crypto's not hard, people make it hard. Those who keep it simple are the smart ones in my opinion… it's what bitboy does and thats why he is where he is. Thanks again and best to you.

  8. How long did you wait that etherum was on your bitforex?.. i send 2 hours ago and my deposit stand 30% Status.. how long can it take ?

  9. Hello man, I just wanted to ask this question, when I buy eth from coin base and I try to send it to bitforex, it doesn’t take 10-15 minutes, instead it takes days to allow me to send, why is that

  10. Just the topic I was looking for. I am really interested in buying Omi before its available on Uniswap and listed on Coingecko. So I did some research and used the Veve app, purchased a Harly Quinn, but when I got to Bitforex I read some sketchy reviews so I just want to move my Omi out of the platform immediately after the purchase. Your vid made me feel a bit better about it the whole thing, got a sub out of me. 🤙

  11. Great video. But I would rather use LTC instead of ETH for the exchange. Then you can trade LTC for USDT to buy Omi.
    With LTC you do not get the outrageous etherium gas fees.

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