How To Dual Mine Ethereum and Ravencoin on LHR GPUs | HiveOS

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  1. Any chance of config arguments in the SHOW MORE youtube.. I have never done any of these templates before some mine is more of less black just says eth…….If thats a bit boring you could make a video of you installing 10 TESLA power walls and 50 solar panels Green Miners….lol..

  2. Anyone try using a VM, sharing your LHR GPU between the VM and the host. Then run mining software on each with –LHR 50. Just an idea, will be testing out today. Basically try and dual mine the same coin, ETH.

  3. Thanks I couldn't get it to work in Hive. I realized I was missing the first line for the config arguments. The 3080LHR dual mining unlock might actually be earning more profit compared to the 3080TI dual mining. 3080LHR looks like it's +68 cent a day conservatively. Still not 100% unlock for the 3080 LHR though.

  4. I agree, your videos ROCK! I would like a "How Toooooooo" mine two different coins one the same rig. I have 4 rigs, 3 are max out and fine tuned. my 4th HiveOS Rig is made of GPUs that dont match well with the other rigs. 2x 3070ti, 3060ti LHR, 2x 3060 LHR, 3080LHR and 2x 1660s. while I want the 3070ti to continue to mine raven, I want the LHRs mining 70%mhs on eth and the 1660s mining 100%mhs on eth. . I believe I'm going to need help with flight sheet command lines directing which GPUs mine what.

  5. I have a Radeon VII with 16Gb of HBM2. Can you tell me if there is a way to fully utilize the 16GB since now it only makes 10GB dag file for eth the remaining 6GB are not used. I think in the future teamredminer will make dual mining easy for R7.

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