What’s good guys? In this video we look at how to find liquidity pools within the hybrid system. as always, our goal is to try and gather as much confluence in …


  1. Hey everyone, as always, you will get a scammer trying to spam you with what's app numbers…be careful, I will never get you to do something like this…

  2. This has been the most useful trading video I've ever watched, answered the question that had been bugging me for ages about liquidity pools, not getting a straightforward answer from anyone I asked, Thanks Tino

  3. Hello could you tell us something about Polkadex I think it will be the next big DEX of the future like binance or uniswap and it is also from the polkadot network. Should we buy it? 20M Marketcap. Mobile app will be available on AppleStore and GooglePlay in September. Thanks for your video…Please answer if it's a good one. *

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  5. I don´t get why MM opens long when prices fall and short when they rise… if they only recover vector candles precisely and don´t go any further, how do they make a profit? Can anyone enlighten me please?

  6. I have a question what would happen at 60k how would they make a New high if they recovered all the vectors candles Upto the 60k mark? Would they form new levels Upto 100k and have a totally new set up of vector candles on the road to 100k ?

  7. I feel like you read my mind are you part of Amazon I was thinking how cool would it be if you went over the pools. Thank you Tino you are the bomb Albert sent me your link and I started watching keep watching such a great teacher.

  8. Are the purple,, blue, green, red candles a setting only available on the IC markets or can I get them on other platforms? I'm in the U.S… so limited on trading platforms 🙄. I appreciate your trading perspective and knowledge about the markets!

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