How to Invest in Adapad – My Strategy to Benefit Beyond the IDO

Adapad IDO is scheduled to launch soon, but due to the oversubscribed nature of this project, it might be difficult to get much value from the IDO individually …

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  1. Why we need so many launchpads? BSCpad, Tronpad, Kccpad, Ethpad and now ADAPad, they seem just a copy from the original Bscpad. same structure, same whitepaper, and so many same projects. I have put my money in Tronpad, but just curious if this model can last long?

  2. ^In this life, information is key, crypto traders are making it big. I strongly believe that the crypto world is here to stay, and I advice every one to be a part of this new development. All thanks to Paul Hansen for Putting this together. i will forever be grateful to you for teaching me everything I know today about crypto trading. stay woke guys….

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