How to Invest Your First $1000 in 2021 | Anthony Pompliano Explains | Cryptocurrency Investing

How to invest your first $1000 into 2022? What is the best crypto to buy in August? Anthony Pompliano joins us to talk bitcoin, ethereum, & cryptocurrency!

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  1. Great video, in addition I hope this inspires a beginner, I made my first millions investing in the stock market after I met a popular broker in the US, Roselyn Faye Wilkinson, the stock market is not as easy as it sounds, always ensures starting up your trades with a professional stock broker to avoid the mistakes I made as a beginner.

  2. Adax on the Cardano ecosystem! The Uniswap of Cardano. Easily 50x-500x when Cardano introduces smart contracts. If Uniswap can go from 0.48 cents to $44 in 9 months. Adax can Atleast do half of Uniswap ms market cap which puts it at $200 per token and it’s only a dollar right now.

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