How To Really Think About Trading -Crypto Strategies (March 2021)

How To Really Think About Trading – This video helps you accept that you have no control of what happens next. We can’t hide from the fact that our thinking is …


  1. Hey guys i am going through the comments and you may see another account is pretending to portray Traders Reality – Please Be Mindful I will never give you a Whats app number.

  2. Mate, i truly would enjoy some Tea Time with you haha, your view on Trading is so refreshing and the way you put it in words, amazing!

  3. Again , you are ducking awesome. Iโ€™m finding โ€˜Wโ€™ AND Mโ€™S Everywhere. Added indicators and patterns APPEARED …..holy MF. I trade stocks, but now I want to learn anew.

    Thank you

  4. Hey bro. Absolutely love the place am learning every day more. Absorbing the stuff it does resonate with me. Did listen some podcasts twice. Tnx bro if succeed am paying it forward…for sure. Much love and jah bless you.

    And you want believe it am new trader a couple of months of experience. I managed to protect my stack and even grow it and withdraw it.Still had experience of 5 grand green liquidated after i payed myself…i got lucky. But i survived with positive outcome and am ready to observe and take what it gives. Again thank you for amazing streams. Keep up.

  5. Can't know how I stopmed onto this. All in all Awesome video ๐Ÿฅ‡๐Ÿ˜Ž. I also watched those rather similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these vids. MSTAR TUTORIALS also had amazing info about similiar make money online things on his channel.

  6. This is what I really needed to hear, honestly at one point you get hooked and you spend all night being indecisive on what to trade, watching candles burn. I did it for 3 nights and it felt like a bad addiction. The reason why I got so obsessed was because I would miss out on all the opportunities I previously considered. A made a lot of emotional mistakes and trades like buying things at all time highs, panic selling. Luckily after all this I am about 5-10% in the positive from what I started with. You are definitely spot on about this being a psychological battle with yourself, it can be harder to overcome than learning all the technicals.

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  9. Priceless message! Thank you Tino. I am a new trader and I'm just getting to realize how important trader psychology is for the consistency of my performance as well as my own personal overall wellness. Your words were exactly what I needed to hear.
    Make sure to take some breaks from streaming so that you don't get burned out too.

  10. Your skills are extremely powerfull. I'm glad that I have found you because I just got fired…and now I have plenty of time to find out what is the story vs. I need to make money now!!! because I got fired from 9 to 5. Cheers bro your the man!

  11. I've been into cryptocoins for one week now, so I am a newbie. But you actually helped me with your last two streams, I don't use my emotions anymore with trading and actually made a bit money back from my huge cardano fail. I really wanna thank you for your hard work! You are one of the realest and most helpfull people out here. See you in the next stream.

  12. Since I started to watch your videos and livestreams a week ago this all seems to be a different world. As personally a calm person it is very helpful in they way you speak and educate in the videos and streams. Having watched before mostly more emotionally or even very fast speaking youtubers on topic on Bitcoin, now in reflection it feels like emotions got triggered by that and I basically was not patient with the next trade.
    Now it's even more interesting with the theories you've explained very well and which seem to be visible on the charts around Market Makers and their tactics, to just observe the chart. It is a big help to have all the MT4 indicators and a good experienced guide (you) on how to use and interpret them. Suddenly it doesn't feel like gamble anymore but a calculated risk trade. Similar to I drive my car, doing my best and have it in a safe and serviced condition but knowing the risk of having others on the highway which could cause a crash I might be involved in. There is always some rest risk in life. The 2 hour rule makes sense.

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  14. Tino, I appreciate your way of conveying these important informations about how the markets work, these are eye openers. It gives a foundation, a light for someone stumbling through a dark and foggy night in the forest. It also relieves from the pressure to be able to predict anything. I still have a long way to go, but I am willing to go that path. Thanks!

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